goatz token


GOATZ was created to change the way NFTs are used — all while expressing our digital assets in a fun and artistic way. GOATZ are NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) that feature uniquely designed goat characters, exclusive celebrity NFTs and unique memorabilia.

Non-fungible token assets are not created using a custom generative algorithm, but are rather custom made by an artist with every drop.

GOATZ is aiming to collaborate with a variety of artists, celebrities, athletes & GOATZ of all genres to create a unique and interactive experience, and allow holders to seamlessly trade or purchase GOATZ from other holders.
Holders can collect NFTs after their favorite artist or influencer—all while simultaneously building their NFT portfolio in the process.

GOATZ centers around obtaining, trading, and purchasing rare and virtual pieces of digital collectibles and adds value to the collection of non- fungible tokens.
Furthermore, GOATZ incentivizes others to hold $GOATZ for the sole purpose of obtaining rare collectable NFTs which can be added and displayed in their wallets or traded and sold to other holders.

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GOATZ SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x8fca351b5126de7F04843FF89634398bC1C5ae09